Taswiat's Professional services

Taswiat is a full-service Debt Collection Agency offering a variety of collection services to telecom companies, banks, commercial & corporate, insurance, real estate and various other sectors. Collection services include

1. Retail Collection Services:

Taswiat maintains well-established retail collection departments. Collects at all stages of the debts/dues ranging from soft buckets to write off in all the telecom/ banking products, in retail as well as in corporate products of banks/financial institutions/telecom companies /commercial companies in the region. The pride of Taswiat is in collecting with dignity and professionalism.


2. Corporate and Commercial Debts:

Taswiat offers debt collection services for companies that provide credit facility to their clients. Companies face a common problem when it comes to obtaining payment on delinquent and seriously delinquent accounts. As accounts near the charge-off date, their collectability drastically decreases and a more experienced collection effort is needed to recover prompt payment. Taswiat is highly successful in tracing company and owners or businessmen with unknown domiciles and assure result-oriented performance in timely manner to lead to quick settlement of debts. The process of recovering a corporate case starts from the feasibility, study the case history, analyze key elements, generate action plan, initiate all necessary actions and strategize the recovery pattern.

3. Auto Loan / Mortgages/ Commercial Services

Auto loan customers who fail to pay their dues often leave the country or lose contact with banks. The trained skip tracers of Taswiat are experts in tracing customers/missing cars and can pressurize customers to settle the dues or get NOC to repossess the vehicles.


4. Skip Tracing:

Taswiat undertake and execute tracing of debtors outside the country (i.e., skip tracing) as and when deemed appropriate to locate debtors who have moved out of the country or whose whereabouts are unknown. In this regard, Taswiat uses the overseas branches and external tie-ups to assist in tracing debtor.

5. CPV (Customer Place Verifications) Services:

Taswiat undertakes CPV services for better credit functions. Taswiat Mobile app aids to locate and identify the exact location of the customer. It can capture customers’ information and transfer back to office. It will sustain in preserving all customers’ information electronically and support to trace the customer in case of any default in later stage.

6. Field Collectors:

In addition to call-centre agents, Taswiat has a dedicated team of professional field collectors.

*      Field collector will identify the customer location.

*      Deliver bills, statement of accounts, dunning letters, pre-legal notices by hand.

*      Meeting and negotiating with customers.

*      Collecting cheques/cash from customers

*      Generate Field visits report to update clients.

7. Collection Campaign Management:

Taswiat collection software is programmed to conduct various types of collection campaigns including SMS, Emails, Dunning letters (Reminder Letters, Pre-Legal Notices, Legal Notices).

8. External Agencies & Skip Tracing:

Taswiat performs skip tracing operations to locate accountable parties whose whereabouts are unknown (IN/OUT of country). Taswiat maintains well defined business relationship with certain professional debt collection agencies and law firms worldwide to assist in collecting the debts from other regions.

Our Success

All functions and procedures within our workflow are seamlessly integrated with each other, allowing us to achieve continuous improvement of the quality of collection services and achieving the high recovery rate through amicable solutions with minimum hassle and low costs comparatively.